About me


My name is Cassio, I’m a brazilian front-end engineer. I was born and raised in Taubaté, a small city in the country-side of São Paulo state, where I lived until 2014 before moving to São Paulo city.

I did a technical course during the high school. That was the time I decided I wanted to work with web development. I thought server and network classes were boring, while I truly enjoyed the development classes, even though they were in Pascal, Visual Basic and Delphi.

I had some doubts on what I was going to study on college but decided to do computer engineering over computer science, design and a few other stuff. I studied at UNIVAP in São José dos Campos and graduated in december of 2014.

In July of 2014 I joined AMARO, a fast-fashion brand located in São Paulo to work as a front-end developer. The company already had an e-commerce but was shifting from a third-party solution to an in-house one and I was responsible to redesign and develop the responsive front-end application following a mobile-first approach.

We benchmarked great companies during the process and strived to build a site that felt like an app for the users. It was a tough and difficult process with a small team (one back-end developer and one front-end developer) but, after 7 months of hard work, we launched the new e-commerce platform.

Since mid-2016 I’ve been working as the front-end team leader. We’re hiring new developers to join our team, as we start to work with a new tech stack based on ReactJS to develop new features to integrate in the current platform. I’m also in charge of defining a product roadmap for new features, plan our team sprints and dealing with stakeholders to define priorities.

How I started

My first professional experience as a programmer came in a small development company where I spent 6 months as an intern. We used Visual Basic to build store management systems. It was a cool experience and a good starting point.

After that I started working at INPE as a web developer in the brazilian Space Weather program. I spent 5 years working there, I started as a generalist web developer using PHP and MySQL to receive and store data from equipments. In the last couple years I focused on front-end development where we built some workshop hot-sites and launched a redesign to the website.

What I’m studying right now

We’re starting a big project at AMARO to update our tech stack to use ReactJS, Sass, Webpack and other cool stuff so I’ve been studying lots of new JavaScript based stuff, such as: Flux, Redux, Immutable, TDD libraries, etc…

I decided to do a redesign at my personal site to test some new tools as Hexo, Ejs and Stylus. I’ve been a Jekyll fan for a long time but so far so good with the new setup.

Projects I’m proud of

I don’t have a ton of open-source projects to show here. Some stuff I’m proud of doing aren’t available anymore or has limited access. Despite that, there are some cool stuff to show here:

SB Winners

That was a cool small project to learn the concept of AngularJS. The idea here was to consume a JSON file with a list of some of the latest Super Bowl winners and show the info on the screen, with the possibility to change the selected year. It’s available at GitHub:SB Winners project.

Guia do Trabalho Remoto

Some time ago I was reading some articles on remote working when I got into a very cool site called Guia do Trabalho Remoto.

They had some really useful information so I really enjoyed the site. But when I tried to access from my cellphone, it wasn’t optimized, so I took some free hours during a weekend to help optimize it for mobile devices.

Paint with Kinect

This was my graduation project at college. We used Microsoft Kinect to build an interactive paint application where the users could use their hand movements to paint on a white board. We also had some nice features like brush sizes and colors and an eraser. It’s available at GitHub: Paint with Kinect.

My preferred setup

At home I have a Macbook Pro late 2011 with no changes (i5, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD). Recently I upgraded the OS to the last version: “El Capitan” and it’s running smoothly, which impressed me.

For terminal I really like Iterm 2 running oh-my-zsh. I tried HyperTerm for a while but it seems a bit buggy for now, I intend to give it another try in the future.

My text editor of choice is Atom, by far nowadays. After years using Sublime Text 2, I changed to Atom during 2014 and never looked back. I use several plugins, but one of the best is sync-settings which auto-save my settings in a Gist so it makes very easy to configure Atom in a new computer.

Spotify is also a must.

At work I run Ubuntu 15.10. And that’s the only difference because I try to use the same softwares.


I really enjoy to spend some time during weekends to learn something new, even if itś not directly related to my work.

I also like to watch some TV series, most of them through Netflix. My recent favorites were Daredevil, Marco Polo, Narcos, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Vikings and Mr. Robot.

Besides the sci-fi stuff I like to watch cooking shows as Chef’s Table, Man vs Food, Mind of a Chef, and tons of YouTube channels about cooking. I also like to do some cool-hunting and go out with my wife to check new places in São Paulo.

I like to practice sports. I played flag-football for 6 years with my friends, but had to quit it recently. Every week I play soccer with some friends from work. Next thing I wanna try is to do Crossfit training.

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